The magic of THE Imaginarium & CREATIVE MIND JOURNEYS

Our mission is to bring all the proven benefits of mindfulness to kids aged 6-12 in a super fun, engaging way. So we're building a mindfulness app that kids will actually want to use on their own. Enter Creative Mind Journeys! 

Our Creative Mind Journeys are first-of-their kind audio stories that mix music, sound fx, incredible voice talent and pure whimsy to deliver highly imaginative tales that double as smart guided practices. Each story addresses a different challenge or opportunity, helping kids strengthen their aptitudes for an underlying psycho-social-emotional skill. This way, kids can become big-hearted mental ninjas, serene floating tortoise shells as they drift off to sleep, and resilient wave-riding dudes who can take things in stride… and go on to lead their best lives.

“Adult-centered mindfulness approaches - simplified or shortened -  are just not the right approach for MOST kids. Kids need their OWN materials - a wholly kid-centered path into mindfulness training.

-Founder, Kirsten Chase



8 Cool STORY CategorieS

Kids, parents and educators can choose stories from 8 cool categories: Mind Ninja (focus), Gym of Awesome (mastery), Energy Explorer (vitality), Happiness Hero (optimism), Love Machine (kindness), Sleep Zone (calm), Weird & Wonky (inspiration) and Imagination Doctor (mind-body healing). 


It will be up to you to get this party started, so download the Kidevolve app - coming soon! - find a quiet space, and turn off all distractions. Have fun reviewing the story categories and making Creative Mind Journey choices. Then "listen together" (the first few times) so you can discuss themes and how everyone feels before and afterwards. 

Don't be surprised when kids start to ask for these stories on their own.

When having this much fun makes you feel this good and strong inside, who wouldn’t want more?

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THE KIDEVOLVE APP WORKS on ALL Devices so you can journey Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere... 

Works on ALL Devices so you can engage everywhere...