Creative Mind Journeys 2017 Sneak Peek



Ninja School 3 | by Jeff Warren | for 5-10 year olds | length 12:08

Kids who have explored Be a Ninja and Ninja School 2 are ready for Ninja School 3. Test out your new Ninja powers as you practice feeling dignified and in control. Can you stop on a dime when we say "Stop!" or do you keep running around like a chicken without a head? Can you play the freeze game of LIFE? And are you ready to step inside our virtual reality imagination simulator, and explore how to stay cool in situations that usually make us feel mad, sad or frustrated? Get ready to take the extreme Ninja challenge.

Helps build: self control, emotional resiliance and maturity, inner calm, anxiety relief, self-respect


gym of awesome series

Can of Delight | by Jeff Warren | for 5-10 year olds | length 9:35

Do school bullies have you feeling down? Or perhaps you are worried about a big class presentation, or are generally feeling quite shy? Not to worry - all this is perfectly normal. Fortunately, you have inside you a magical and sparkling Can of Delight! In this hilarious adventure, we explore how to give ourselves a fun boost of energy and confidence right when we most need it. We hope it will help you care less about what others think, stand up to your fears, and maybe even poke a little fun at yourself along the way.

Helps build: confidence, fortitude, emotional resiliance, the ability to laugh at one's fears and insecurities


Calmland | by Jeff Warren | for 6-10 year old | length 11:07

Do you feel like you have so much energy that you're going to explode? Are your parents or teachers pleading with you to please settle down? Well, my little friend, I do believe we must at least entertain the possibilty that they have a point. FORTUNTATELY, there is a quite amazing and very peaceful place inside us that we can visit called ... Calmland. It's really quite wonderful. Do you want to make a visit? Well then: we'll teach you to climb aboard your very own internal elevator and drop down ... and down ... and down. Each level gets calmer, and calmer, and calmer... And guess what? It's YOU who controls all of the action, all the way down. Note: If you like this track, you'll love Colourland - same elevator, opposite direction!

Helps build: capacity to move from highly active and agitated states to more calm and settled states, increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence


Robot Heart | by Jeff Warren | for 5-10 year olds | length 7:52

Most people think robots are simply machines, without any feelings at all. Well - not this robot! Not only is he quite HI-larious - given to hugging toasters and forks - he happens to have a sparky personality and a vest that's absolutely jam-packed with robotic, loving, delicious goodness. The next time you're feeling sad or lonely, listen to this robot - try on his special vest - and see for yourself what amazing, interconnected, happy feelings might start zooming around inside you.

Helps build: optimism, compassion, joy, sense of community and connection, sense of security, happiness, positive feelings about self and others