Kidevolve Programs

Our curriculum is based on innovative research that pulls from positive psychology, organizational development, neuroscience, behavioural science, and contemplative philosophy.



Six, engaging 50 minute Mindfulness courses, built just for kids aged 6-12

Delivered in intimate groups of no more than 12 kids

Based in a partner studio, school or Kidevolve host-parent's home

Goal-directed with weekly learning objectives (such as Loving-Kindness, Emotional Awareness, and Mindful Listening)

Integration of age-appropriate mindfulness techniques with interactive exercises, movement, yoga and/or qigong, story-telling, music, compassion training and Social & Emotional Learning

Geared towards defined learning goals while also offering the flexibility to accommodate children's unique contributions



Highly imaginative audio stories that deliver key mindfulness training

Built especially for kids aged 5-10 (not repurposed adult materials)

Innovative blend of music, sound fx, incredible voice talent and pure whimsy

Stories double as smart guided practices, tackling a unique challenge or opportunity and helping kids with different psycho-social-emotional skills

Kids listen independently and replay favourites

Stories span 8 cool categories that kids love: 

Mind Ninja  - for focus

Gym of Awesome - for self mastery

Energy Explorer - for energy

Happiness Hero - for optimism

Love Machine - for kindness 

Sleep Zone - for sleep/calm

Weird & Wonky - for inspiration

Imagination Doctor - for mind-body healing
(pain management, extreme anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc.)


Kidevolve is all about exploration and empowerment. Our programs and tools offer a unique opportunity for seeding, supporting and nurturing kids to discover their own path to self-regulation, inner calm and feeling more joyful.