Piranha Yama and The Art of Non-Biting

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Kidevolve gets so excited when new, quality meditation content comes out for younger children. Check out this adventure series from PiranhaYama: "It's like Finding Nemo met Kung Fu Panda. Great story and great message."

When a fierce and adorable piranha gets captured in a net her world gets turned upside down. She meets her ancient teacher and they begin training in the mystical "Art of Non-Biting". It's a challenge for a young piranha who was born to bite and fight. Yama must learn to calm her mind, overcome her fears, awaken her inner light, and get back to the lake to begin a new adventure with her friends.

Piranha Yama and The Art of Non-Biting, written by Dr. Bill Kalatsky, brings compassion, yoga and meditation into the hearts and minds of children, so they can gain early interest and start to receive the benefits of starting these practices at a younger age.