COURSE 2.3 - SLEEP ZONE ('Calmland', script by Jeff Warren)



Calmland | by Jeff Warren | for 6-12 year old | length 11:07 ©

Do you feel like you have so much energy you're going to explode? Are your parents or teachers pleading with you to please settle down? Well, my little friend, I do believe we must at least entertain the possibility that they have a point. FORTUNATELY, there is a quite amazing and very peaceful place inside us that we can visit called ... Calmland. It's really quite wonderful. Do you want to make a visit? Well then: we'll teach you to climb aboard your very own internal elevator and drop down and down and down. Each level gets calmer and calmer...  and guess what? It's YOU who controls all the action. Note: If you like this track, you'll love Colourland - same elevator, opposite direction!

Helps build: capacity to move from highly active and agitated states to more calm and settled states, increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence.