COURSE 4.1 - EMPATHY ('Switch to the Inside', script by Marni Levitt)



Switch to the Inside | by Marni Levitt | for 6-12 year olds | length 16:15 ©

Sometimes life can be really FRUSTRATING and it can seem like our FEELINGS are taking over - like, for example, when your sister steals (yes - steals!) your favourite t-shirt and won't give it back no matter what you say. Or, when you're at the grocery store helping with the shopping and you ask your mom or dad to buy a food treat for you, and they just say a flat-out 'No' without even listening to you. When these kinds of things happen, do you ever get really upset and all shook up.... so mad you don't know what to do? Well, the awesome thing is, it is possible to see what is really going on inside of you when those strong feelings come up, and then you can DO something about them and SAY the things you really need to say.... and it's all about using a Magic Switch. Listen to how...

Helps build: inner calm, inner resourcefulness, self-awareness, insight, resilience.