COURSE 4.3 - EMPATHY ('Light Up Your Day', script by Marni Levitt)



Light Up your Day | by Marni Levitt | for 6-12 year olds | length 11:19 ©

Well I can tell you that some days going to school can really SUCK. It can be STRESSFUL - making us tired, sad, mad and even plain lonely. Lots of hard things can happen: for example, maybe you haven't finished your homework and you're worried about what your teacher might say. Or maybe there's a kid at school who's not letting you play. Well, FORTUNATELY, in this track, we explore the wonderful possibility that each of us has our own magical ball of answers that we can listen to when we need to figure out our own problems. All we have to do is get VERY quiet, use our imaginations, and hear the soft intelligence of our hearts. Let's explore.

Helps build: confidence, compassion, sense of security, self-love, connectivity, resilience.