Kidevolve's Kids Say the Darndest Things!

Here's what Kidevolve's first group of 6-9 year olds reported “thinking about" during their first one minute of quiet mindfulness:

Boy (7) : I thought of myself sitting on the very tippy, tippy, pointy top of the CN tower, drinking a Pepsi.

Girl (7): I saw my little brother pooping. And my dad was videotaping it.

Boy (7): I saw black, only black, just black. Black I said. Nothing. Nothing at all.

Boy (7): I had a very, very, bad scary dream… lots of people were throwing plates at me... and finally I was winning a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game, I rounded first base, came up on second... [this story went on for 3 minutes].

Girl (9): When you’re doing mindfulness, you can actually tell the future. Like once I thought about going into a place and sitting in a certain chair [big, dramatic pause], and then, the VERY next day I went to that exact place and sat in that exact chair. Mindfulness can tell the future for sure.

Boy (7): I imagined myself…. just standing…. in IKEA.