5 Reasons Kids Need to be Taught Meditation (by Earth We Are One)

Nowadays kids deal with a lot more stress than adults ever did when they were young.

Gone are the days of chasing kites and trampling through the forest with your friends when you’re bored. Today’s kids are constantly bombarded by technological distractions, are more prone to participate and be victim to cyber bullying, and in general have an awful lot of pressure and expectation to live up to in the home and at school.

For this reason there is no better time for kids to learn how to mindfully meditate than the present. Certain schools (like the Green School in Bali) already introduce mindfulness practices and are contributing to the raising of environmentally responsible, educated, and aware children, but many young ones around the world still yearn for the peace which can be found from going within.

For this reason, may every adult take it upon themselves to first be the change they want to see in the world, and then second, pass on the practice of being mindful to a young one in their life. The following are 5 reasons (and benefits) every child should be taught the practice of how to mindfully meditate:

  1. Meditation Reduces Stress

    As stated above, stress is a huge problem for children. Not only is it the precursor to many modern ailment, but it hinders their ability to learn. Children can’t focus well or receive high marks on tests if they are stressed by the home life or their learning environment. Stress also leads to violent tendencies. But as meditation helps to alleviate and reduce stress, children can benefit immensely by quieting their minds. 

  2. Meditation Increases a Child’s Ability to Focus

    Reducing  stress allows one to better focus. A strength – especially in children, focus can help them easily pinpoint their emotions, focus on their breathe, and let go in the silence that envelops them. With increased focus, they will academically perform better and likely display more symptoms of happiness. 

  3. Mindfulness Increases a Child’s Empathy

    Meditation is well known to improve empathy for others. This can be especially important for kids. A mindfulness practice can help prevent bullies from becoming bullies in the first place, especially if they understand better that their actions can harm others. 

  4. Meditation Calms Kids Down

    An experienced teacher or parent knows that calm kids are more optimistic and focus better. In effect, a calm attitude will help a child perform better in school and form healthy relationships. 

  5. Meditation Makes You Happy!

    Kids are meant to be exuberant, happy, joy-filled beings. But all the pressure presently being demanded of them is causing kids to grow up faster than ever. A regular meditation practice can improve a child’s outlook on life, and in effect raise their overall happiness levels.