Kindness Soup & The Anchor Of Breath

Spring has sprung, and the Danforth Kidevolve kids poured into our class teeming with excitement. We just about squeezed ourselves when we heard the kids have been practicing the Kidevolve techniques at home with their families. That’s our goal!

Our Tuesday's class was filled with music, movement, breath, games and a gathering of energy that was palpable. We have two sweet stories to share from the night.

We’ll begin with breathing. What’s the big deal about breathing? We all do it, all day and night. But most of us (big and small) aren’t aware of the impact breathing has on our bodies and minds. Kidevolve introduces kids to the concept that they can harness their own breath, and use it as a powerful tool. Our teacher Marni encouraged the kids to use the visual metaphor of breath being our body’s anchor. Breathing properly can help us regulate, and anchor our bodies and minds (we’re like boats that can get too choppy in busy waters). When we breathe in deeply, becoming aware of the power filling our entire body, we can calm our busy minds. It’s simple and amazing. And guess what? The kids ages 5-9 won’t forget this idea. We’ll continue to build on it in the weeks to come.

Our focus for the week was kindness. We saw the kids' imaginations spark around the cooking and discussion of "Kindness Soup”. Marni led all the kids in making their own soup filled with kind ingredients: happiness, hugs, smiles, peace, strength, sharing.

The kids acted out each ingredient, physically stirred kindness into the air around them, and drank the soup up with gusto. They then discussed how they would share the soup with a close friend, and also a friend who wasn’t always so kind with them. Marni harnessed their curiosity around kindness soup, and stressed the importance to be kind to our loved ones and ourselves. She urged the kids to show kindness to those who may not always be so kind to us all the time.

We all need a little, or a lot of Kindness Soup in our lives. Wouldn’t you agree?