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As parents and teachers, we don’t always know how to best support our children in learning important soft skills, like social emotional awareness, compassion, resilience and kindness.

How do you teach these things in a way that kids will care about? These are the innate skills that allow our kids to excel with whatever life throws at them.

Kidevolve is on a mission to nurture a culture that supports kids becoming more compassionate, aware, emotionally intelligent adults. We want to help kids improve focus, achieve calm when they need to, and value how they are connected to the wider global community of human beings.

So how do we put kids in the driver's seats of their minds?

  • We teach. Over the course of delivering our hands-on programs in schools, homes and community centres, we teach kids how to bolster their natural abilities. And because our programming is geared just for kids, we engage them in this process by making it fun. During our programs, our team collects inspired data to share with other families and practitioners.
  • We do the research and inform. Kidevolve is all about curating evidence (of all kinds - soft data, hard evidence, experts, family findings) to demonstrate the power and impact mindfulness has on young children. Dig into our blog. Look back into our archives. You'll find some pretty awesome research, articles, blog posts. 
  • We connect. People reach out to Kidevolve to become Ambassadors, partners, informers and collaborators. Join us!
  • We support. Want to share something? Start a new program? Ask us a question, or just chat? Contact us!

Are you ready to tread along this trail with us?