Kidevolve's Danforth Program gets off to a musical start!

Marni leads the Kidevolve kids in the animal inspired yoga poses.

We launched one of our parent-hosted programs in the Danforth area this week. The reviews? 2 little kid thumbs up. This incredible group of Kidevolve kids sang their hearts out, moved to their own rhythm, and soaked up the tools we shared like little sponges.

Even a couple hesitant kids, not sure of what mindfulness meant, ended up participating with glee.

Marni, our incredible teacher, led the kids in song, breath, yoga and passed on inspiring mindful tidbits to take back home. She also shared:

Kidevolve Common Ground Family contract.

Think of this like fun trail trips for making this journey a meaningful one for the entire family. Yes, it’s program designed for kids, but it’s also carefully crafted to influence family life. We ask that parents read the common ground with their kids, sign and place in an area of their home for the next few weeks. We encourage them to try their best to weave it into their family routine.

Kidevolve Bracelets

Kidevolve kids will each be given their own custom bracelet. They read: “Kidevolve Kid – Kind. Calm. Focused.” These funky, waterproof bracelets can be worn throughout the duration of the program and in the weeks afterwards. We want kids to remind themselves that they have the skills to handle what comes up day to day.

Our stellar Ambassador Kathleen sent our team this amazing quote after the class ended. Gush—we can’t wait for more kids to try these programs!

 Marni had us all give ourselves a huge hug. We thanked ourselves for coming to Kidevolve. She reminded us that it’s important to be our own best friend. I really resonated with that statement. It’s so vital to like yourself. I feel fortunate to be supporting eager kids to learn that lesson so early in life.  What great adults these children will become!!

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