'Switch to the Inside' & 'Magical Gratitude Wand' - Two NEW Creative Mind Journeys your kids will love!

CMJs Pic.png

Check out our TWO newest Creative Mind Journeys brought to you with love by the uber-talented Marni Levitt!

1) In SWITCH TO THE INSIDE, kids learn how to truly differentiate between what’s going on in the outside world and how they are actually feeling about things inside… this way, they can zero in on difficult emotions and say the things they need to say when strong feelings come up. How great is that?

Switch to the Inside pic.png

2) In MAGICAL GRATITUDE WAND, kids learn how to reveal an extra special secret level to everything they eat, try, do, dream! Marni even shares a portion of one of her very own beautiful and inspiring songs in this track (it’s buried like an Easter Egg, see if you can find it)!

Magic Graitude Wand.png

Take a listen and let us know what you think… and don’t forget to sample our many other tracks too! We’ve got a track to foster almost every type of EQ skill. For a wild and crazy confidence builder, check out Jeff Warren’s zany CAN OF DELIGHT, or gently relax into sleep with his soothing MELLOW RIVER BEDTIME STORY… and if you’re more of a party till you drop kid, take an underwater ride with Jeff’s OCEAN ADVENTURE BEDTIME STORY.

** Have a great idea for a Creative Mind Journey script? We’re always interested! Send your concepts along by email, Word, sound clip.**