10 year old Kidevolve kid-tester Connor interviews mindfulness creator Jeff Warren!

Ever wondered what it takes to create one of Kidevolve’s fantastically engaging Creative Mind Journeys? 10 year old Connor Chase interviews our lead creator Jeff Warren about his creative process, his favourite CMJ characters, why he thinks learning mindfulness is super helpful for kids of all ages, and generally, what makes him tick.

Jeff gives Connor a run for his money and does not let him dominate the interview - some tall order! - skillfully flipping the energy around so that Connor must also share what makes learning mindfulness in Kidevolve’s unique format so special to him. Connor obliges while also managing to keep free-spirited Jeff right on schedule.

What results in an enjoyable exchange between two perceptive, nimble friends: the interviewee - a grownup who has never lost touch with his awesome inner kid, and the interviewer - a kid who has always operated as an inner grownup.