Kidevolve Imaginarium Podcast launches on Apple!


We’re so excited to announce (drum roll)… that our Creative Mind Journeys are finally live on Apple Podcasts! Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters, creative talent, business advisors and volunteers! Because of you, we’ve produced an incredible offering of free, first-of-their-kind audio tracks to get kids turned on to mindfulness in a totally novel way. We began this journey with love and a mighty vision, and we’ve received this back tenfold. Special shoutout to Jeff Warren - whose incredible spirit, creativity, meditative wizardry and extreme generosity has allowed us to hone our style and expand our blueprint with tons of integrity. Much gratitude also goes out to Hope, Sophia, Jason, Amy, Christine, Marni, Alex, Nick, Kathleen, Sonja, Ella, Connor and Michael - all early champions and essential contributors to where we are today.

So…. to get started, go to the Kidevolve Imaginarium Podcast in Apple Podcasts and click on Subscribe. Then, grab some kids aged 6-12 (preferably ones you know) and have a listen to our latest selection of tracks - now re-organized into courses to address key EQ learning areas like Self-Control, Sleep, Resilience and Empathy!

“EQ trumps IQ long term” - says Jim Dethmer, founder of the Conscious Leadership Group.

Nough said.

So what makes our Imaginarium Podcast stand out for kids (and their adults)? Take a listen and see. Our trailblazing journeys differ from the current (and growing) roster of traditional children’s mindfulness tools, because kids actually choose them independently. We’ve designed and tested them with real kids to be FUN as well as effective…. mixing music, sound fx, incredible voice talent and pure whimsy to deliver highly imaginative tales that double as smart guided practices.  We call our tracks ‘Creative Mind Journeys’ for a reason… and kids quickly discover they they are not the usual (read: ho-hum, when I can go and do something else?) path into learning how to use mindfulness to feel happier and stronger inside.

Because…. what good is mindfulness training to kids if they don’t select it for themselves and stick with it? Or worse, if an adult must be present to make them listen in and practice the techniques?

At Kidevolve, our mission is to empower kids to take control of their monkey minds and their strong emotions by giving them an easy-to-use, easy-to-remember toolbelt of EQ techniques that will empower them for life.

NOTES TO ADULT MOTIVATORS: Yes, it’s up to you to make the first CMJ introductions. Find a quiet space and turn off all distractions. Have fun reviewing our course categories and making choices with kids about which tracks to explore. We recommend listening together the first few times, so you can discuss themes and feelings before and afterwards. Then stand back and watch in amazement as kids request our CMJs all on their own (with absolutely no arm-bending from the adults in their lives).

When having this much fun also makes a kid feel good and capable and downright springy inside, why wouldn't they want more?

REVIEWS ARE SUPER IMPORTANT: Please leave us a Review on Apple Podcasts. Your commentary means everything to us and without it, we cannot improve. Tell us what worked and what tickled the fancy of the children in your life. Tell us which CMJs are most popular and why. Tell us what kinds of mindfulness learning yor kids want but don’t see in our roster… and we’ll build it! Bottom line? We want kids to dig the time they spend learning these skills.

OTHER KINDS of MINDFULNESS LEARNING FOR KIDS: Thankfully, there are lots of paths into learning mindfulness - for adults and for kids. Headspace For Kids, The Calm Schools Initiative, Smiling Mind, Goldie Hawn’s MindUP, and Annaka Harris tracks (via Waking Up by Sam Harris) are some avenues we love for kids right now. The important thing is to find the style that’s right for your family or classroom or wellness organization - otherwise kids won’t stick with it. So explore and experiment, and know that we’re all working towards the same end goal - to give kids tools for greater self awareness and inner mastery.