Why you should watch 'The Mask You Live In' with Boys and Men Now

We’ve known for a long time that boys and men face insurmountable odds in trying to navigate regular human emotions while adhering to the ever-present ‘bro-code’ - which requires them to be tough, in control, dominant, emotionless… never a tattler and not a sissy.

This incredible documentary on the North American "boy crisis" explains how to raise a healthier generation of men and features interviews with experts and academics, as well as thought-provoking commentary from real-life boys and men who live this conundrum every day as their reality.

This film is must-see viewing - so gather the men and boys in your life and hit play (it’s now on Netflix). Our culture's continuing narrow definition of masculinity is harming our boys, men and society at large, and this film unveils this issue, and smartly proposes what we can do about it.

Let’s get this conversation started so boys can speak about their own experiences, and have better conversations with their parents, their teachers, their coaches.

The Mask You Live In is a documentary film written, directed, and produced by Jennifer Siebel Newsom. It premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.