COURSE 5.3 - ANXIETY CONTROL ('Space Suit', script by Jeff Warren)



Space Suit | by Jeff Warren | for 6-12 year olds | length 14:15 ©

Do you ever get so worried about stuff that you became a freakout worry freakazoid? I know I do. When this happens, one cool trick is to use our imaginations and climb into a big puffy space suit and then float up to the ceiling and into the sky. When we get space like this, our worries get less strong. We can see how everyone else also has worries and feels different emotions. Our worries become a way for us to feel more connected to people, and that feels really nice. When this happens, our worries may actually begin to shrink. We feel more room inside and can open our arms W-I-D-E, W-I-D-E, W-I-D-E! Try it out! 

Helps build: ability to cope, space around worries and extreme anxieties.