COURSE 6.1 - GRATITUDE ('Magic Gratitude Wand', script by Marni Levitt)



Magical Gratitude Wand | by Marni Levitt | for 6-12 year olds | length 15:38 ©

Are you ready for your tongue to REALLY taste the food when you eat? For your eyes to REALLY see all the spellbinding colours on your plate, and for your nose to REALLY smell all the delicious aromas? If you are feeling a little 'BLEH' or 'BLAH' or BORED with the things you do every day, you may want to try this Magical Gratitude Wand (along with your own cool made-up sound and movement!) that can change EVERYTHING (and we do mean everything) in just a few seconds. Wanna know the best part? Once you learn how to handle your wand, you can use it to reveal an extra special SECRET LEVEL to everything you eat, try, dream, do! Check it out...

Helps build: gratitude, positivity, joy, optimism, relief from depression.